Are You Yearning for the Great Flavor of Mushrooms?

With Morel season just beginning my taste buds are yearning for some great mushroom flavor. With this really crummy weather, the season has been slow in arriving, so I’ve been making some mushroom duxelle to top my steaks and burgers and fulfill my desire for the taste. Mushroom duxelle is simply rough chopped mushrooms that are sautéed and then reduced with some liquids to make an incredibly flavorful sauce. It’s not overly saucy, but rather coats the mushrooms with just enough extra liquid to cover the meat it is served with.

Here are the tips: Clean and dry your favorite mushrooms and cut them into quarters or halves if they’re small. Get a large frying pan really, really hot. Then add a very small amount of vegetable oil (like one tablespoon). Toss the mushrooms in the pan and don’t stir them. The mushrooms will actually start to softly squeak as they initially shrink from the high heat. This technique is important, because it keeps the liquids from oozing out of the mushrooms and it lets you get a nice caramelization on them.

Once the mushrooms are cooked, add about a cup of Madeira or Marsala wine and reduce it until it is almost dry (au sec). Then add a cup of cream and once again reduce it in half. Then season with salt and pepper to taste. This stuff tastes incredible and will top a steak, chop or even a breaded eggplant and turn it into heaven!