Winning over the in-laws with Chicken and Basil Dumplings

27 years ago I met my in-laws for the first time. I was at my then girlfriend Sara’s house and I was cooking dinner for her parents, Harley and Mary I decided to hook them in with one of my favorite comfort foods, Chicken and Basil Biscuit Dumplings. A couple of yummy sounds later and I realized I had their approval.
So on Thursday I went back to my roots for the first time teaching at a stadium kitchen. With almost 50 people in attendance we breezed through comfort food made with ‘Good, Really Good Chicken Broth’ from the Zoup! Fresh Soup Company. We started off with the chicken and dumplings, moved to paella, cruised through a Vidalia Dijon cream sauce atop pork tenderloin medallion, and finished with a gluten-free pasta topped with a light marinara sauce, prosciutto bacon, and roasted pine nuts. Four dishes in four hours. It was all very tasty. But the Chicken and Dumplings, oh ya, they’re good for your soul!