Why You Need a Slicer in Your Kitchen Toolkit

Sweet Potatoe ChipsA couple of years ago, I asked for an electric slicer for my birthday. I thought it would be awesome to be able to buy whole pieces of dry, aged meats or cheeses and slice them just how I wanted and perfectly flat. Well, my wonderful wife accommodated me, and after using the machine on some meats a few times, the slicer ultimately found its way to my equipment storage area and rarely saw the light of day.

But recently I’ve started to develop some vegetable terrines and have really found a new love for my perfect slicing machine. I’ve sliced everything from eggplant to portobello mushrooms (the long way!). Have you ever wanted to make some plantain chips? Good luck without a slicer to get them even and thin. Chips of all types turn out perfectly too, like my recipe for Ultra Thin and Crispy Sweet Potato Chips.

Mandolins slicers are okay, but perfect they are not and dangerous they absolutely aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, a slicer, like a sharp knife, can be dangerous. But mandolins take the cake for creating cuts. I even showed my wife how to cut corks in half lengthwise for a project she was doing. Soft cork was a breeze for the slicer.

You really don’t need a heavy duty slicer for your kitchen to do the job. Just do a little Internet searching and you can find an inexpensive one that’s reliable. Soon you’ll be able to slice eggplant so perfect you will be able to roll it with cool stuffing and make rollatinis. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities!