Where Can I Find 55 Degrees?

I have a nice collection of 12 Camembert rounds I made last weekend and know they must age so that get that tasty moldy rind that brie style cheeses get.  The recipe calls for 50 to 55 degrees.  My refrigerator won’t get that warm (which is kind of good).  Unfortunately, the small wine cooler I have struggles to get below 59 degrees (it used to when I first bought it).  Of course I didn’t notice that until after I made the cheese.  Well I thought I bought myself a day because the temperature outside was 52 degrees on Monday and most of Tuesday.  That’s when I found out that deer like Camembert!  Now I am down to 10 rounds.  Right now I have put them back in the fridge at 42 degrees.  Help!  I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go to the store.  Oh, the things I do to create tasty food!

Camembert Rounds out of mold