What’s on the Memorial Day Menu

Healthier Fried Chicken

Memorial Day to many people means school is finally out, vacation season has started, and summer is almost here. The carefree feeling that’s heightened this time of year, of course, is really due in part to what Memorial Day really means — commemorating the men and women who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. So let’s remember to be thankful this holiday, and by all means, celebrate with some good food while keeping the country’s men and women in uniform in our thoughts.

My Memorial Day menu this year revolves around a healthier version of Pan Fried Chicken. You bake the chicken first, remove the skin, bread it, and then pan fry it, so it still retains that crispy, crunchy texture, but isn’t as fattening.

Also on the menu: Asian Grilled Shrimp Spinach Salad, fresh Spinach Pasta, and for dessert, decadently good Mango and Dark Rum Ice Cream. Happy Memorial Day!

Recipe: Pan Fried Chicken