Well the graduation party was a hoot! We so lucked out on the weather.

Well the graduation party was a hoot! We so lucked out on the weather. Forecast said thunderstorms, we got gorgeous hot weather. It went nicely with the premixed margaritas we bought. They were quite the hit. But the food was front and center stage. The Korean sweet and sour ribs Wanru brought were excellent. In addition we had Shrimp Po Boys, Summer Vegetable Pasta, Hummus with Middle Eastern Meatballs, Nachos Grande, Capreses Sandwiches with Proscuitto, and Chicken Caeser salad. Our wonderful graduates spent the night before baking and provided numerous delicious desserts. We ended up serving around 165 people and things went very smoothly. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to choose recipes where the majority of the preparation can be done the day before. Myself and Dave Rutt spent about 4 hours preparing on Friday and it made Saturday a breeze. Another suggestion I will offer is to set your kitchen up the day of the party in work stations for the different dishes that require preparation for replenishing. This allows you to replenish with fresh food. In our case we had a Nacho station, a sandwich station, and a salad station in three seperate areas of the counter space. All the fixings were alreay prepared the day before, so just assembly was required (except for sauteing the shrimp). This really helps set people up that are there to assist you and keeps everyone from running into each other. It also keeps the kitchen neater. I have to admit that I was initially skeptical that the work associated with throwing a graduation party for 4 different graduates and their invitees was going to be a bit overwhelming. But everybody really chipped in and made it a great success. I even had most of the day to enjoy the guests. Well that’s another big check mark on the parenting list down, and now it’s time to prepare to send my wonderful daughter to New York for school. Life is an adventure!
Take Care, Prep