We had fun eating week this week with both family and friends.

We had fun eating week this week with both family and friends. Our son Joe was home from college and brought a few of his friends over for dinner. I whipped up some Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage and Chicken. Adding the chicken lightens it up a bit. I hadn’t cooked much Cajun food lately and this dish really reminded me of how full flavored delicious that cuisine can be. If you are interested in getting into some great Cajun food, a great primer is Paul Prudhommes Louisiana Kitchen. It is a classic and is by far my favorite cook book. I even went so far as to visit him many years ago with Bones and had him sign the book right in his test kitchen. We also had our annual bowling winnings dinner with our bowling partners Jim and Janet. It’s always a fun feast. Their son Paul is an aspiring young foodie himself and it’s great having him join us for the cooking. We knocked out a classic Rack of Lamb Persillade. We also fried up some artichokes ( a Bones tradition) and I served it with my Lime Aioli Sauce. This is a really neat and tastey appetizer. Highly recommened. Then we did some mid week entertaining to get together with a good friend who is recovering from surgery. We served the Sauteed Italian Chicken Salad and the Lamb and Eggplant Strudel. As you can tell we do love our lamb. The salad was interesting. By adding the warm sourdough with melted fresh mozzarella and the warm chicken, this really could have been the entree. I ventured into homemade gyros this week. Since I don’t have one of those rotating vertical broilers I had to improvise. I could have done it on my horizontal rotisserie, but I didn’t have the time to chill the meat as long as it would have required to be stiff enough to stay on the skewer. Most of the recipes I read used a meatloaf approach as the alternative, but it doesn’t give it the browning it needs. So I came up with a new method using a broiler that you can make in a conventional oven. Works like a charm. I didn’t try making the pita’s homemade. I should of because the pita we got from Kroger was not very fresh. I’ll try making pita bread in the next few weeks and report out. Probably going to a middle eastern market would help as well. Take Care, Prep