Vegetable Soups bring out the Healthy Side of Kids’ Tastes

Last weekend I made a large batch of Turkey Vegetable soup for a cooking demonstration on Fox2 Detroit.   I ended up bringing a pot of it home.  It’s a simple soup.  I took my turkey carcass and simmered it with some onions, carrots, and celery and a sachez for about 45 minutes.  I strained it and added the sliced carrots back in along with some green beans and broccoli.  Separately I sautéed some sliced mushrooms with a little garlic on olive oil until they had some color.  I then added some sliced zucchini squash and summer squash.  I sautéed those veggies a little more and added some Italian seasoning.   Then I dumped all that in the soup pot.  Simmered for 5 minutes and it was done.  I brought it home and set it on the stove.  I went in my office to do some work and come back to the kitchen 45 minutes later.  My kids ate the everything but one bowl!  I appreciate that they left me enough to take a picture.  Who says kids won’t eat vegetables.  Soup is a great way to give our youth garden fresh nutrition!