Healthy Eating for Kids


Cooking was really fun to me as a kid. It was the perfect match for my other hobby, eating. And making soups, which is one dish I have become known for, was just a natural evolution. It’s the perfect comfort food and is pretty darn easy to make.

When I became a parent myself, teaching my kids to cook came naturally to me. My kids have always been incredibly picky eaters. It’s completely my fault — my house often resembles a restaurant and I’m the short order cook.

Through the years, my experience cooking with kids has expanded dramatically. It started when I wanted to pilot a critical thinking class I had written for ten and eleven-year-olds.The kids could come over to the house for six hours every day for a week. I knew going into it that keeping their attention for that amount of time every day was going to be impossible, so I needed to insert some fun activities. To that end, I decided to teach them how to cook. And they loved it.

Many kids do enjoy cooking. It’s hands on. They get to make things their way. And they get to eat it when they are done. What more could they ask for? Cooking is also an ideal opportunity to do something fun with your kids where as a parent you actually get to interact and spend time in a meaningful way.

Cooking with your kids has many other benefits. It doesn’t cost you anything. Hey — you’re going to buy food to eat anyway! Preparing meals with your kids also gives you the ability to influence their healthy eating habits. Try taking your kids to a store and have them pick out a couple of vegetables that they prefer. Then make a simple soup with them. I don’t know anything that gets kids to eat vegetables better then soup.

So do yourselves and your kids a favor — teach them how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook yourself, then read my series of books with them and go on a “family foodie” journey together. I guarantee it will add value, meaning, better health AND fun to your life!