Three Pepper Chili – Warm, Hearty and Make Ahead



If you have a busy weekend coming up then make a great do ahead recipe that anyone can just warm up, serve, and enjoy,  This recipe is hearty, filling, and oh so flavorful.  So many chili’s depend solely on some chili powder that has been sitting on the spice rack for a year losing punch.  The flavor enhancement of adding fresh chili’s is complex, pungent, and tantalizing to the tongue.  And don’t worry about heat.  Just make sure you remove the seeds and white veins from the chili where the majority of the heat resides (and also make sure you wash your hands).  Dice them up fine, and you will get a combination of sun soaked sweet garden freshness to your chili.

So make this on a Thursday or Friday, and enjoy it all weekend long.  It gets better with a little age.  It goes great with some sweet and warm corn bread.  Puttting a salad on the side turns it into a complete meal.  Add a beer and it becomes a football special!