They Make Me Cry, But I Can’t Get Enough Onions!

Grilled Turkey Cheeseburger Double SlidersI just love onions. They are foundational to so many dishes, but by themselves they’re a star. The transformation that occurs from a raw onion to a cooked onion is incredible. That’s because they have so much natural sugar built into them. Yup, natural sugar, not the processed stuff in which people seem to perpetually overindulge.

And as the onions cook and start to turn brown, those sugars start to caramelize and the bite-y onion turns into a soft, sweet, savory gem. As I’ve been developing recipes for the pub I’ve purchased, I’ve decided to really highlight caramelized onions.

So I went to my restaurant supply store recently and bought some fresh onions that were already sliced. Making a few pounds of onions a day is no big deal, but if you’re going to go through 20 or 30 pounds a day I figure buying them peeled and sliced would save someone a lot of tears.

Wow, did this make things easy. I whipped up 20 pounds of caramelized onions in about 30 minutes. Worked like a charm. Of course, when I experiment in my studio kitchen at my house, I need to find people to eat these babies. But the beauty of these is that they keep very well in the fridge for a few weeks if you store them properly.

Seeing these babies in the fridge inspired me to whip up a Swiss Onion Soup. If you have the onions in the fridge and keep some stock around, this soup will take about 20 minutes to make and… what nice flavor. Then I needed a good salad dressing, so I took some of the onions and threw them in the Vitamix and whipped up a delicious caramelized onion and garlic dressing. Not to mention that our sliders and sandwiches have been kicked up a few notches for the last few weeks as well.

So next time you’re working with onions, make a few extra. Throw them in a pan with some butter or olive oil and cook them gently until they are nice a golden brown. A little salt and pepper and you have onion magic!