The Mini-Food Processor

The Mini-Food Processor is one of the best investments in a power tool that you can make for your kitchen. For less than $30 you get a machine that will emulsify, puree, blend, and chop. I use mine extensively. It is particularly handy for making pesto, small batches of salsa, emulsifying salad dressings, chopping garlic and herbs, and more. The small bowl makes it easy to clean up and it isn’t quite the dishwasher space hog like the full size models. Its light weight and easy to pull in and out of the cabinet. Take note that you should pick a model that has a small resevoir with holes in the top of the lid. This is a must for making emulsifications and not all models have this feature. The model pictured has a dual shaped resevoir with 2 holes, each holding approximately a tablespoon to make measuring easy. The wider blade makes these babies far outperform a blender for everything but drinks. Home made salad dressings are a cinch and much fresher and more flavorful than the store bought bottles. With a tool like this really good salad dressing can be whipped up in just a couple of minutes. Splurge and treat yourself to this great tool!