The Gouda is a Majestic Sight on my Counter

I have always enjoyed Gouda cheese.  I enjoy it as is, but I especially like it melted.  It is really a nice topping on a pizza or a nacho.  So it has been a perfect candidate for my first cheese making experience.  The processing went pretty smoothly.  But we did have to add weight on top of the mold for several hours to compress it and press out as much whey as you can.  Of course, holding the weights in place while I was driving home was a bit of an adventure!  Once that was done, and we were back home, it went in a salt brine.  Some cheeses have salt added right into them.  Others, like gouda have it absorbed through a brining solution.  When you take out of the brine and dry it,  you then air dry it at room temperature  for two days before applying wax.  Compared to our Camembert rounds, this large round wheel of cheese looks majestic.  Once the skin has formed we will add the red wax prior to several weeks of aging.  Let’s talk again when I have some insights on the waxing process.