The Bounty Abounds in the Michigan Thumb!

I have had a life adventure in pursuing the best ingredients and food that I can find.  And this last weekend I broadened my world a little bit more.  This time it is almost in my back yard!  It’s about time.  I fly fish in from Hawaii.  I fly in mushrooms and truffles.  I search the purveyors locally like a fiend.  But I just haven’t spent much time in the Michigan farm country.

That is until this weekend.  I asked a good friend of mine who happens to be a foodie if he wanted to make cheese with me.  He is a great partner, because he lives in the middle of  a slew of dairy farms.  I told him that to make really good quality cheese we need really good quality milk.  It took him a few weeks but he hit the jackpot! He found us a very small farm that specializes in quality milk.  Yup, this milk comes from Guernsey Cows with the a2 designation (a healthier type of milk).  Since he only milks them once a day, the nutrients and flavors don’t get as diluted.  He doesn’t feed them any grain.  They eat only organic grass from his fields and during the winter they eat organic hay, which he buys.  This milk has a beautiful golden tint and a faint sweetness that is seductive.  Guernsey Cows don’t digest beta carotene so it all goes right into their milk and that produces the golden hue.

It is fascinating to see how dedicated to the science of producing quality and nutritious milk that farmer Andrew is and he is among a growing breed of great farmers.  All is right in the thumb of Michigan.  Thank you Mr. Tubbs for introducing me to the bounty!