Stuffed Mashed Potato Poppers!

Servings: 6   Preparation Time: 0:30

2 cups mashed potatoes, leftovers are great
1 whole egg, beaten
2 Tbsp. flour
9 tsp. Gouda cheese or cheese of your preference,
cut into 1/2″ squares
9 tsp. finely diced leftover meat such as chicken or pork
1 cup flour, for dusting
salt and fresh ground black pepper for seasoning
Oil for frying, in bottom of pan or use deep fryer

1. Mix the beaten egg, mashed potatoes, and 2 Tbsp. flour together thoroughly in a medium bowl.

2. Using a wet hand, make a ball of potatoes about the size of a golf ball in your hand. Take a finger and push a little well into the ball big enough to fit a piece of the cheese. Press a piece of cheese into the whole and then gently work the potatoes around the cheese so there aren’t any whole in the popper. Make one for each piece of cheese and then use the same procedure with the meat. Place stuffed balls on a plate sprayed with non-stick spray.

3. Place dusting flour in a small bowl and lightly but thoroughly coat each ball, shaking off any excess flour. Hold the ball cupped in your hand while you do this.

4. Heat frying oil up to 350 degrees or medium high heat. Place the poppers in the oil and fry until golden brown. Remove and drain. Immediately season lightly with salt and fresh ground pepper.



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