Steelhead Fishing Day Menu

gumboMy buddies and I went steelhead fishing for the first time two weekends ago. I was quite concerned, because winter had not really broken on the Pere Marquette River, where we made our angling retreat. So I threw on some good waders and base layers and prayed for good weather.

Of course, menu planning was key to maintaining our body heat in the cool temps. Warm soups and broths were essential. We took hot chicken broth to drink and had a wonderful gumbo for lunch. But we started the day by having a traditional Mexican breakfast soup called Ahagodos. It’s just delicious. You start out with a good, rich chicken broth that has finely diced, seeded chipotle peppers added to it to give it a little spice and a touch of smoky flavor. Then you add some small, diced carrot, onions, celery and peas along with a little rice (not too much or it will thicken the soup over time). Then you finish it by adding a large diced avocado and a poached egg.

I was really happy with how well I was able to poach and shock the eggs and put them in small thermos. I then added them to the hot soup on the river to warm them up, and the yolk stayed soft enough to incorporate into the broth and add some richness. This whole approach worked great as we essentially warmed ourselves from the inside out. And it was worth the effort. The fish were just beautiful!

Here are a few more recipes to try featuring broth as an essential ingredient: