Spring Party Food Theme: It’s All About Meatballs

hummusMeatball mania should be a collective spring party theme. . . In fact, it would be perfect for tonight with the NCAA finals!

Last week I did a TV segment on game time foods for the NCAA tournament, demonstrating how to make a stuffed meatball stewed in Bolognese sauce. I have to admit that stuffing meatballs does add about 15 minutes in time and effort, but it’s not really required. If you have some properly seasoned meat (or veggies), an egg binder and some breadcrumbs, you can whip up meatballs and bake them up in about 30 minutes.

You can throw them in broth like an Italian Wedding Soup, and they also make awesome sandwich meat all by themselves. Placing them on top of pasta is of course the traditional way to go. Or just serve them with toothpicks and plate them as finger food. Your can always stew them in pasta sauces, gravys or other sauces of your preference. In doing so, they get really tender and moist, and can last a good week in the fridge.

Kids tend to love meatballs as well. An aggressively seasoned turkey meatball in a nice sauce or gravy will pass for a beef meatball with the kids every time. And you can get creative. . . Try seafood using fresh breadcrumbs in the mixture. Meatballs are tasty and they are fun, fun, fun to make! Try these recipes next time you want to make meatballs: