A Special Marriage Inside of My Kitchen

coffeeWhen Sara and I renovated our kitchen several years ago, we made a number of small decisions. One of which was to put an instant hot water dispenser by the sink. Another was to eliminate as much clutter from the counters as possible so we had clean lines, lots of available workspace and the ability to view and appreciate our granite and tile counters. So we punted on the traditional automatic coffee maker that usually had a permanent home on the counter, and instead we started using French Presses.

French presses are much smaller, fit in the dishwasher easily and make an incredibly good cup of coffee. We each have our own press, partially because of size and partially because I drink decaf. It’s extremely simple to use a French press with instant hot. One scoop of ground beans, turn on the faucet and in about 30 seconds you’ve got a pot going. Let it sit for three minutes to steep and BAM − great cup of coffee.

We have been doing this for several years now and a few days ago my instant hot started to sputter about five seconds into the pour. The filter was clean so I think we’re watching the beginning of the end for this little appliance. But for about $150 bucks I can buy a new one and keep enjoying the good java for another several years. I just love it.

Who knew an instant hot and a French press could bring you that special little joy when you wake up on a groggy day!