Savory Cheese Empanadas

Cheese and Beef Empanadas


Cheese Empanadas are like Mexican comfort food.  The warm soft, flaky and tender crust encases a wonderful melted queso cheese.  Served with a garden fresh salsa and you have a delicious snack, appetizer, or whole meal.  Now of course, I love to make fresh salsa and am pretty proficient at tart crusts, but you certainly can cheat your way with some purchased products that turn out quite nice.

Start by buying a good quality pie crust at your store.  There are some new ones out in the fridge section at the grocery store, but I think the premium frozen pie crusts are better.  Just take them out of the tin.  Keep them cold, and don’t work them to much. Keep your bench lightly flowered and use a fork to crimp the edges.  An egg wash of one egg, one egg yolk and a Tbsp. of cream gives them a nice color.

If you can’t find a good Queso cheese, do not buy the Mexican blends.  They are weak! Buy Muenster instead.  It’s what the Mexicans do in this country.  Just check it out at a real Mexican market and you will see what I mean.

And if you don’t want to blend your own salsa, look for a fresh one in the vegetable section of your supermarket. Sometimes they are next to the tortillas by dairy as well.  Trust me this approach will beat 90% of the restaurants out there.  So pour yourself a Margarita and enjoy.  Bon Appetit, Johnny