Ramps Aren’t Just for Skateboarders!

Many people aren’t familiar with ramps, but they are a wild leek. They look very much like a small scallion, but their stem is thinner and the bulb is a bit rounder. Their flavor is kind of a cross between a farmed leek and a scallion with a touch more sweetness. . . .Unique, fun and super easy.

You can just toss these babies in a little olive oil and throw them on the grill until they’re cooked through and slightly charred. They make great partners to fiddlehead ferns and morel mushrooms as the grand trio of seasonal spring exotics.

Personally, I love to serve these with lamb, but they go well with anything. You can even put them in salads. So when people say they’re looking for ramps, don’t point to the skateboard park, send them straight to your favorite high-end produce department!