Quiches Make a Great Breakfast or Brunch for Large Groups

Not only does eating quiche not offend my masculinity, I am a huge advocate.  It’s warm, creamy, light, and can wear as many flavor profiles as you can think of.  Not only that, but custard keeps well.  So you can partially bake them the night before if you are going to be really busy in the morning.  Or if your family or guests don’t awaken all at the same time, the food will still be in great shape when they do.  Of course I suggest making a good flaky pie crust.  But there are definitely some decent quality crusts in the freezer section of your grocer.  If you’re going to buy them, try to stick to the premium brands and buy the deep dish model.  I don’t suggest buying the quiche in a bottle egg mixture.  First off, it is very easy to mix eggs and cream.  A two eggs per cup of cream ratio works good.  About two cups of cream and 4 extra large eggs per deep dish shell.  Making your own tastes better and avoids preservatives!

You can play with the cheeses.  Gruyere is traditional and very tasty.  I like to mix it with white cheddar.  But any good melting cheese works well.  You just need to make sure it is shredded.  Any combination of meats and vegetables is fair game.  Just make sure you cook them before you put them in the shell.  Make sure you cook the water out of your veggies and maybe even dry them on a paper towel, or your quiche will be a liquidy mess.  Pre-bake your pie shell for about 20 minutes before you add the ingredients.  Make sure you poke holes (dock) in the crust first and if bubbles start coming up, pop them with a small pointed knife.  You can also use parchment and baking beans if you have them.  Bake them at 400 degrees.

It is easy to make a few different kinds.  I made a ham and scallions one along with a chorizo, corn, and black beans quiche so people had some choices.  Bacon and spinach tastes great as well.  Let your imagination run wild!  It will be easy, convenient and you are sure to get rave reviews!

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