Preparing for the Bounty of the Harvest

tomatoWhat a fantastic year for growing a garden! I have to admit… I went a little overboard planting this year. I now have four vegetable patches situated under some warm and sunny spots.

And what a difference the sun makes! My tomatoes are growing wild. I also took the advice of an old friend and fed my gardens once a week for the first three weeks. Wow… I have had to reinforce the stakes on my tomato plants twice so far. My eggplant is twice the size of last year and I have already harvested wax beans and pea pods. It’s going to be a banner harvest season.


So now is the time to start plotting a strategy for the bounty that’s soon to come in. I seem to always have an excess of hot peppers. I love to make fresh salsa, so of course hot peppers and tomatoes are a major planting for me. But I always seem to give away a lot of hot peppers. Not this year… I’m going to be pickling them! Pickling works great for hot peppers. You can mix in carrots and onions like our friends south of the border, or just keep them plain. I’ll be able to make salsa with them all winter long!