New Website, New Show

Well the new website is up and quickly we should see all phases of it get activated properly. I hope everyone notices that now we have a search engine for recipes. Check it out. If you want chicken recipes, just search for chicken. That is something I have wanted for awhile. It is amazing how much work and detail goes into these websites.
We are also now linking on demand episodes of our new TV show ‘Five Star Cooking at Home”. We have aired about 6 episodes so far and am having a ball doing this show. The production crew is great. It took us awhile to get the production process where it is manageable. We tried doing a 3 camera shoot with post editing. It was an editing nightmare. Now with Steve in the directors truck editing it live we are putting out better quality work in a much shorter time. As they say, practice makes perfect (well better anyway) .
With Thanksgiving around the corner, I want to discuss cooking turkey techniques and other side dish recommendations. So our first topic will be brining turkeys. It is one of the best techniques for enhancing the moistness and flavor of the white meat. Please post comments if you have a brine you like best! I’ll share mine with you this week. Take care, Prep