My Valentine’s BLT

Valentines BLT1

You don’t even have to say ‘I love you’.  This dish says it for you.  This roasted-til-tender bacon rose has thin and thick bacon rolled up and drizzled with apple maple syrup.  The cherry tomato hearts say it all, three time over.

Valentine’s Day is has so many warm thoughts that evolve all your life.  From the time you had your first crush on sweetheart and hid a card in their desk.  To the time you sent your eighty year old mother a dozen long stem roses just to see a beautiful smile on her face.  There are a lifelong set of memories that resonate softly with this holiday.

My gifts to my wife have evolved over the years.  Starting with so many heart shaped boxes of chocolate, until she finally cried ‘no mas’.  I tried being suggestive with some lacey and tiny lingerie.  That had some inititial success but lost its spark pretty quickly.  Eventually I learned that by making my sweetheart something to eat, I was able to put my love right into the dish.