Leftover Pizza for Stuffing!

genoa. . . Yep, that’s right, stuffing!

All too often we end up with a piece or two of leftover pizza. The kids usually forget to wrap it properly and it just kind of dries out and takes up room in the fridge for a week until someone throws it out. Well I had a radical idea, and it works!

I took the pizza and threw it in my food processor and ground it into small chunks. Then I wrapped some boneless chicken thighs (skin on) around it. I brushed it with a little olive oil and seasoned it with a little salt a pepper and baked them on 350 degree until the chicken was done. It was great!

When you think about it pizza has all the elements of a great stuffing. Mine had pepperoni and Italian sausage. Stuffing frequently has sausage in it. The crust is just bread, which is the base for most stuffing. The cheese is another bingo, while the sauce and seasoning just add more flavor. In fact, if you had a few pieces, you could easily stuff a whole chicken or some double pork chops. If your pizza is to dry, just add a little water before stuffing. Just don’t throw away pizza anymore. . . get creative!

Here are a few of my favorite pizza recipes: