I’ll see you in the produce department!

Italian Sausage and Cheese Stuffed TomatoI always tell people that you don’t have to spend time reading nutritional labels in the produce department, because it is all good for you. Even the less nutrient dense veggies provide healthy fiber to moderate your digestive system.

Not only that, but the produce department is beautiful! All the gorgeous greens, reds, purples, oranges, browns make you feel like your surrounded by a rainbow. You can actually pick up real food and smell it and squeeze it and pick out the most ripe. You can’t get that in the box aisles. The flavors that come from these beautiful fruits and vegetables are unending and very easy to work with and combine.

And what is really cool is that when produce is in season, it has incredible taste. Yet its costs are at their lowest points.There aren’t many products that you can say the best quality comes at the lowest prices, but you can with produce.

So spend some more time in your produce department and make sure to say hi! There’s a good chance we’ll run into each other.