How to Make the Most of Asparagus This Spring

caramelized onion and leek tartAsparagus season is upon us! Markets and grocery stores are stocking up and prices are dropping. It’s a sure sign of spring. A little olive oil, salt and pepper and the little green spindles cook up perfectly on the grill.

Remember you need to trim off the bottom couple of inches of asparagus because it’s rather fibrous. If they’re thicker (3/8 inch or more), go ahead and peel the bottom three inches. If they’re really thick, then peel them right up to the blossom.

Now I know everyone always says that thin tender asparagus are best, but truthfully the peeled portion of a thick asparagus that’s been properly blanched and shocked in ice water is as tender and delicious as any. If you want to get exotic for a “fancy” meal, drizzle a small amount of truffle oil on just before serving and you’lll be amazed at what a good flavor match that can be. Hollandaise or a light lemon sauce is also an outstanding match. And don’t be shy to make a good soup with asparagus. Asparagus and mushrooms in a soup also make a tasty combo — that duo goes great in risotto too.

Fun fact: Most of the chemicals in asparagus that cause that interesting aroma when you take a potty break comes from the blossom. If it offends you, then stick to the stalks. But there’s never a better time to enjoy the complex and luscious garden flavor of asparagus than in the spring time. Not to mention, it is half the price! Try these recipes the next time you have the veggie in your fridge — each feature asparagus in the ingredient list: