Homemade Dessert? Or Bought From a Pastry Shop?

apple-pieI saw a killer-looking dessert the other day. It truly was visibly impressive. I HAD to have come out of a pro pastry shop. I still had that delicious dessert on my mind, and though that it quite possibly could be an incredibly easy dessert to whip up yourself if you don’t mind using store-bought ingredients.

So for those who are looking for a simple approach to impressing your guests, here’s what I would recommend: Buy a good quality apple pie. Turn the pie upside-down on a serving platter. Buy a very good quality caramel and chocolate sauce. Heat the sauces to soften them and pour them alternately on top of the upside-down pie. Then take a can of mixed nuts, or any nuts you prefer, and while the sauces are still warm, spread a healthy helping on top. Let the sauces cool to a thick consistency and serve.

This desert will wow your guests and it will taste incredible, and it just called for a little creative thinking. I strongly encourage you to make your own dessert next time around, if for no other reason but because cooking is fun and inventive!