July 4th weekend was a whirl and a blast. Pool time at Steward’s

July 4th weekend was a whirl and a blast. Pool time at Steward’s, dinner at Bouchard’s, Croatian Picnic at St. Lucy’s, party at Larry’s, and small plates at Bone’s pool. I can’t believe I didn’t gain weight. There was great food at every turn. The Croatian Picnic is an annual event where they roast multiple whole lambs, pigs, chickens, and a Croatian sausage called Cevapcici. It is very festive with a live ban, lots of wine, and some really nice people that my family has known for years. While at the Steward’s pool party I was posed the question of why there is a shortage of pine nuts. This is really a dilemma for pesto lovers everywhere. After doing a little research, I found that pine nuts are harvested in the fall, so they are stored for the rest of the year. Last fall was a poor harvest. This lower supply is conflicted with the growing demand. A large supply of the nuts come from China and demand there is growing. Costco normally is a great place to buy these tastey beauties. But there have been very few to be found. They were out for the first few months of the year. Then they got a shipment in, which lasted a few weeks. Then they have been out ever since. I have seen some small packets at Krogers for the equivalent of $28.00/pound. Long Lake market almost always has a good supply. But I took the risk of ordering some on the internet from a source through Amazon.com. At $17.00/lbs including delivery, I thought I would try it. They are suppose to arrive in 2 weeks so I will let you know. Basil season is blooming at our house and we definitely need our pesto fix for the season (thats why we grow a dozen plants). So pine nuts are available, but not cheaply. There is also a new pine nut product that is being developed with the shell on them, but it won’t be availabe for awhile. I always recommend roasting the pinenuts for 5 minutes at 375 degrees. But keep a close eye on them, because they are really easy to burn. Good luck on your pine nuts searches. Be patient, you’ll find them.
Take Care, Prep