Healthy Version of Fish and Chips

Panko Crusted Lake Perch with Kale Chips

Fish and Chips, as you know, is a traditional British dish, consisting of battered fish and deep-fried potato wedges. Known for being filling and hearty, Fish and Chips can also often turn out soggy, limp, and well, laden with extra fat and starch that perhaps we don’t need in our everyday diet.

My version of Fish and Chips, Panko Crusted Lake Perch with Parmesan Kale Chips, injects a little more nutrition into what is considered iconic international cuisine. Instead of frying in vegetable oil, we are using olive oil, and in place of potatoes, we are plating with Parmesan-sprinkled kale chips. We are also going to mix it up and instead of using the more commonly used Haddock or Cod for this recipe, we will serve with Lake Perch and batter with Panko crumbs.

Recipe: Panko Crusted Lake Perch with Parmesan Kale Chips