Get Your Sandwich Fix with the Cuban

Cuban Sandwich with Creamy Caraway Cole Slaw1

Remember the now classic 30 Rock “Sandwich Day” episode where the Teamsters deliver to Liz Lemon and her writing team special “secret” sandwiches that are the most coveted, highly anticipated amazing sandwiches they have ever tasted, so much that when Liz discovers that her sandwich is missing, she flies into a rage and demands that it be replaced? Mundane, yes, but hilariously funny.

Liz is a woman after my own heart, a lover of sandwiches, and the Cuban is one of the best sandwich creations ever invented. The tart and tangy flavors of the slaw mixed with the meaty flavors of the ham and pork, coupled with olive oil-coated crusty bread mashed under a panini press (or weighted grill pan) equates to a super-satisfying meal no matter lunch or dinner.

  • Recipe: Cuban Sandwich with Creamy Caraway Cole Slaw