Gardening 2014: What I’m Planting This Year

tomatoes_0093It’s garden-planting time again and I’m excited. The length of this winter and the coolness of spring have been onerous and my cabin fever is busting out. It’s finally time to put some wonderful ingredients in the ground and watch them grow.

My gardening skills have really ramped up over the past few years. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and eggplant are now staples that are reliable and plentiful. But last year I added kale and arugula and tried cilantro again with limited success. This was for various reasons.

I planted kale in a planter and it just wasn’t enough. I need a small patch in the garden. The arugula I planted last year was rocket arugula and it just wasn’t the right kind. I really love baby arugula, and this year I’m going gang busters on getting a good crop. The light bitter taste is an incredible foil for fresh fruits and tangy cheeses such as chevre. Cilantro seems to be the holy grail for me. It starts off good and then just turns to seed and thins out. I need to do some homework because I need more!

Making fresh salsa is one of the pure joys I get out of my garden. My tomatoes and my peppers are perfect for the cause, but I’m tired of having to buy cilantro because my crop is a bust. But this year, I feel a winning streak coming on. And this year I’m going to grow some zucchini. We don’t eat a lot of zucchini because I burned my family out on it many years ago. They cried ‘no mas.’ But I have a new strategy. Instead of growing it for the full grown fruit, I’m going to cut the blossoms early and stuff them. Stuffed zucchini blossoms are the real deal and I’m going to grow a plant just for that.

So as you can see my enthusiasm is bubbling up for a good harvest. Go out and get your hands in some dirt and have some fun too!