Fruit Toppings are both Beautiful and Healthy

Glazed fruit cheesecake1

Fruit toppings are an easy way to make a dessert stand out with color and composition.  Better yet they are both simple and healthy.  Here are a couple of tips.  Cut your fruit about 1/8 inch thick. If they are to thick it is hard to get the to lay down on top of each other.  Start your decoration from the outside of the cake and work your way in to the center.  Don’t put any berries or fruit in the dead center or you will not be able to make the tip of your slices look finished.  When cutting the cake dip your knife in hot water each time you make a slice.  Use a clear glaze to coat your fruit when you are done and it will keep nicely for a few days in the fridge. I use my own cheesecake, but frankly you can use a basic store bought cake or cheesecake and make it look like an expensive custom creation with very little work.  Bon Appetit, Johnny