Fiddlehead Ferns: Natures Imitation of a French Horn

Fiddlehead Ferns are tasty and fun. . . They have a pretty unique look that reminds me of a French Horn. They’re round and rolled up like a flat spiral. These little beauties taste similar to green beans with just a touch of butter. And right now they are coming into season!!!

They do great sautéed (you can blanch and refresh them first for color and quick service). They’re also great by themselves and do nicely mixed with other veggies. A small mound on a plate makes a great presentation by alone. A little drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper really makes them sing.

With spring entertaining season here, treat yourself and your guests to something special and adorn you plates with these little green beauties. They are a true sign that you are serving something special!