Experiments in Slider Bun-Making

Grillled Vegetable SlidersThis past weekend I decided to develop my slider bun recipe. I wanted to make a slider bun that’s similar to a Hawaiian Roll. I love the soft and sweet texture of these buns. . . I found out some interesting things.

First, Hawaiian bread really came from Portugal. Yep, an immigrant from Portugal that came to work in the sugar fields brought their sweet bread delicacies with them. It didn’t take long to modify them with some tropical citrus and honey, and voilà, you have Hawaiian Rolls.

After studying a bunch of recipes, I was introduced to diastatic malt powder. Diastatic malt powder increases the rise of the bread by providing more food for the yeast and also adds a browner color to the crust. Of course diastatic malt powder sounds like it came out of a lab. It’s really a gruel made by boiling malted barley (think beer), milk and wheat flour and then dehydrating the liquid. Well, that’s pretty much the same thing as malted milk, which I think sounds a lot more user-friendly.

So I bought some from King Arthur Flour and started baking. The recipe I used called for some lemon extract and some lime extract to add to the tropical flavor. I didn’t really like the texture, but the flavor was great. I’ll work on the texture this week and let you know the results next week! In the meantime, try out these recipes featuring Hawaiian or Slider Buns: