Ever read the ingredients on a retail vegetable broth? Boring!

I actually stood in my grocer’s aisle for 15 minutes reading the ingredients list on vegetable broths.  Veggie broths have grown tremendously in popularity in support of vegetarian diets.  Using broths makes cooking a lot of things both easier and much more delicious.  It’s kind of a chef’s secret.  But retail vegetable broths are just plain boring!  Most have 3 basic vegetable ingredients: carrots, celery and onions.  From there, they add flavorings and stuff you need to be a chemist to understand.  Some of the higher end ones will add mushrooms and maybe one other vegetable.  Well next time you are a little over zealous at the vegetable section and end up with a drawer full that need to be used, whip them in a pan and make some broth.  Green beans, leeks, turnips, mushrooms, broccoli, peppercorns, bay leaves, thyme sprigs, parsley stems and garlic will all add savory and delicious flavor.  Try a few, or try all of them.  And you can freeze the broth for months!