Cooking Tips for Great Nachos

Nachos Grande titled for post

Having a party?  Feeding a family? Need something that is easy, quick and delicious? Here you go.  Nachos are like the southwest equivalent of pizza.  But throwing a bunch of nacho chips on a baking sheet is a whole lot easier than making and rolling out dough.  From there you need to add flavor.  I season some ground beef with a puree of tomatoes, cumin, coriander, chicken base, garlic powder, and salt.  Just brown off the meat and then simmer the puree into it for about 10 minutes.  Then make sure you use good melting cheese.  True queso cheeses are delicious, but the best domestic substitution is Muenster.  It melts great and has good flavor.  The Mexican blends in the store sound good, but they are fairly low quality cheeses. The toppings are always a choice, but some finely diced jalapenos that have had the seeds and veins removed add a great flavor. Many like to add refried beans, but I usually drop those to make the dish a bit lighter. Just pop them in a 400 degree oven until the cheese is melted with a slight brown hint of color.  Bon Appetit, Johnny