Cooking Tip: Chicken and Turkey Burger Combination

I love reading the comments and questions on my Facebook page. . . and appreciate that many of you are seeking out information on how to become better home cooks. It’s all a work-in-progress for those of us who prepare meals for our families (and friends), and we should all be learning from one another.

Recently, I was asked by one Facebook fan about how to make a chicken-turkey burger:

CaptureMy reply: “It won’t. But you probably want to add a little fat in the form of mayonnaise or a little olive oil to the mixture. It depends on what type of turkey you buy. Many of the offerings at major grocery stores already have fat ground into it like hamburger. In which case you don’t have to add anything.”

If you are looking for a starter recipe that you can amend with chicken, I’d recommend testing out my recipe for Turkey Burger Wrap with Grilled Vegetables and Parmesan Buttermilk Dressing. I also have a recipe that calls for mixing chorizo with turkey — definitely a tasty break from the norm!