Cooking is Fun for the Whole Family

Thin Crispy Crust Meatlovers PizzaWith the summer winding down and kids and parents preparing for back-to-school, it’s important that we make the most of these last few carefree days with our kids. One of the best ways to take advantage of that time before life gets hurried again is to enlist their help in the kitchen in making a tasty late-summer meal! Not only does cooking impart valuable life skills, like reading and math proficiency and understanding the role nutrition plays in our overall health, but it also provides a venue for us parents to spend quality time with our kids.

Chicken Nachos GrandeMy recipes this week are ones that kids can get excited about making, such as the Double Stack Turkey Sliders, Chicken Nachos Grande, and especially the Thin Crispy Crust Meat Lover’s Pizza (featuring a whole wheat crust) recipe. So instead of catching up on TiVo or playing games on your tablet these last days of August, gather your kids in the kitchen and let them show off their cooking knowledge! Now that’s REAL interactive entertainment!