Veggie Wars

Veggie Wars is a healthy eating competition that challenges students to develop healthy recipes and then market them to other students. Teams that are created within one school compete so see who can influence other students more to try their tasty and healthy dishes. In addition to cooking skills, students learn how to apply multiple variable analysis to develop and optimize recipes. The final extension then includes lessons in marketing, as the teams prepare all the materials needed to be the most successful in influencing other students to try their food. This program is filled with fun, competition, drama, and lots of great tasting vegetables. Students engage in creative exercises both in the kitchen and in the drawing room as they create logos, banners, and slogans to help them go to market. Interviews with other students and school staff help them study and prepare to be successful. A very real world exercise that opens the whole student populations eyes to just how tasty vegetables can be!



Chef Johnny Prep shares the life skills that students can gain from learning how they can develop their own recipes based on vegetables they like. Then the students are broken into teams and compete to market their tasty goodies to the rest of the students in the school.

The goal of the program is to leverage the immense influence kids have on each other to promote eating healthy foods. Watch Veggie Wars featured on Fox Detroit News: