Eat A Rainbow Assemblies

VeggieWars-EatRainbow Chef Johnny Prep emcees an assembly that starts with a short discussion with young students regarding eating and cooking colorful fruits and vegetables and how that inspired both his cooking career and his athletic career. Emphasis is on how food builds both a healthy mind and body and helps us to be the best students and athletes we can be!

VeggieWars-JPThis is followed by a blind food tasting competition between a panel of
students (and occasionally brave teachers) where they are challenged to guess what fruits or vegetables they are tasting. This is quickly followed by the students making a pledge to consume fruits and vegetables of all colors and to eat a balanced diet.

The final event is a healthy competition kick-off for a two week period where students record all the colorful fruits and vegetables they have eaten during that period. This involves a class versus class game where the students who eat the most colorful produce get a special prize.

Contact Johnny Prep about scheduling the Eat a Rainbow program at your school!

Watch Chef Johnny energize a school of elementary students to pledge to eat more fruits and vegetables:

Eat a Rainbow Assembly Video