Clash of the Cooking Crews

“This is practical, life-altering education at work, and it’s something that every young person in America should have access to as a basic right. And by creating a contest, Prepolec has made the process not only palatable, but downright fun.”Scott Bridges, Huffington Post

Our Vision

To transform our culture, through the energy and creativity of our youth, by leading the change of the western diet from disturbing trends towards obesity and diabetes into an inspiration deriving from flavor, artfulness, nutrition and health.

clashkidsjohn2The Mission

Our mission is to create a nation of school age cooks who are capable of modifying recipes to create their own, optimized for flavor, appearance and healthfulness. We aim to make it fun for kids to eat healthy by developing a lively, competitive and club-based environment with incentives to succeed. Our cooking philosophy will be based on balance, diversity and energy consciousness. We aim to utilize all forms of media and technology that attract youth as vehicles for our mission.

The Cooking Crew Challenge

  • One competition per year
  • Each competition has three categories: breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • Each category will have a mystery recipe chosen for that competition that the student chefs will have to recreate to exciting levels.
  • Video lessons are provided for each mystery recipe.
  • An allowed pantry list will be provided.
  • Recipes and videos are given out 12 weeks prior to the contest.
  • The Clash is held each year in the spring

‘Throw Down’ Judging

classovenStandard judging guidelines will be based on three segments, recipe design (nutrition and energy density), taste and appearance, and a five minute video that sells their recipe to other teens. These guidelines will be consistent for every event.

Special theme judging will judge how well the contestants incorporated the special theme into one of their category dishes.

Pantry Items

Beyond the base ingredients in the recipe demonstrated the Cooking Crew’s will need to use pantry items to change and enhance their recipes. Pantry items will be predominantly fresh foods. No trans-fats, highly processed carbohydrates or high fructose corn syrup will be allowed.