Celebrate St. Patty’s with Corned Beef Hash in a Blanket

Corn Beef in the Blanket

You can’t escape St. Patrick’s Day without having some kind of dish featuring corned beef and cabbage. . . and why would you? The two ingredients pair extremely well together, even though the Irish don’t consume corned beef and cabbage as much as we think they do, especially today, and it is not considered the national dish of Ireland.

Around the turn of the century in America, Irish immigrants would often substitute in their meals the more affordable corned beef for higher priced pork, which they tended to eat more frequently in their native land because pigs were easier to raise. Somehow, this association has evolved into a distinctly Irish-American food phenomenon.

The Johnny Prep version of this traditional, “all-American” St. Patty’s fare features a warm, spicy sauce made of heavy cream, chicken stock, and mustard. My mouth is watering just typing out these words. . . This dish is excellent served with sautéed spinach formed in a clover leaf for St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy!

  • Recipe: Corned Beef Hash in a Blanket