Boost Nutrition with a Power Smoothie!

strawberriesPower smoothies can be quite tasty and a great way to build nutrition into your diet. My wife encouraged me a few months back to try some smoothies for breakfast instead of my traditional single egg. I liked the idea, and after purchasing a capable blender (Vitamix) I started kicking them out.

I always use some amount of frozen fruit, so ice isn’t necessary (usually its blueberries). I find smoothies to be very robust; you can throw just about any fruit in them and they turn out pretty good. But following my wife’s suggestions I made sure a handful of “super foods” were in the base. For starters, I always have a cup of raw kale, flaxseed and blueberries in my smoothies. (If that doesn’t scream healthy, nothing does.) When I started making them I would add some orange juice to help it mix, but I have switched to organic carrot juice and it tastes great. My core fruit combination for flavor is strawberries, pineapple and banana. Whip that all together and you get delicious, filling and healthy all in one glass.

For extra measure I try to make it a light meal right after a workout instead of for breakfast. The body absorbs nutrients more readily for about a half an hour after exercise. Power smoothies have been a really pleasant addition to my diet. It’s flavorful and it seems to give me a little extra energy. Try it yourself!