Big Changes Already Happening at Mr. B’s

Ten weeks in and Mr. B’s (the pub I took ownership of July 2014) is moving quickly in the right direction. The cook-from-scratch philosophy is being embraced by patrons and it’s really starting to show.MrBBar

We started with our burgers . . Better meat, better buns and lessons on patty-making and seasoning have given us a huge jump-start. House-made chips and salsa, true queso cheese and authentic Mexican seasoning have transformed our south of the border fare. Fresh (and vegetarian) Jamaican Black Bean Soup and Sweet Corn and Yukon Gold Chowder have replaced frozen pre-packaged soups, and recently, I made my first batch of Posole, a traditional Mexican style chili.MrBPizza

Our calamari is now buttermilk-drenched and breaded to-order with a tangy roasted pine nut and caper arrabiatta sauce, and it’s winning a lot of fans. We’re now topping our pizzas with house-made Italian Sausage and we tested our first batch of chocolate chunk cookies, prepared in-house of course.

We’ve got our new equipment in and we’re beyond excited. Gluten-free chicken tenders and potato skins will be flying out of our new ovens and bacon and pastrami will be coming out of our new smoker. I just can’t wait! The whole new menu is slated to be out in September. Hope everyone gets a chance to stop by and try some truly great eats!