Autumn Treats

Roasted Pine Nut BrittleAutumn and the holiday season is rapidly approaching, which prompts us to turn our thoughts to comfort foods and recipes we can make for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Peanut brittle is a seasonal favorite, but instead of the plain old variety, try this recipe for Roasted Pine Nut Brittle — and it has only eight ingredients, so you can have it prepared in no time! This is a fantastic recipe to get your kids involved with; they’ll especially have fun breaking the brittle into little pieces!

apple pie 2It’s also apple-picking season, so I hope you are taking some time this fall to trek to a local orchard and enjoy the outdoors, along with some fresh apples (look out for the Granny Smith variety) and cider. Then, you can take your haul back home and make this rich-tasting recipe for Sour Cream Apple Pie, which has an extra kick of flavor.