A couple of last minute Thanksgiving cooking tips!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Lot’s of cooking going on today.  Sometimes its tough to pull everything out just right, especially when you have a ton of people socializing around you.  So here are a few tips.  Remember that a turkey will rise 7-10 degrees in temp after you take it our of the oven.  So if you want that perfect 165 degree breast meat, pull your bird out between 155-158 degrees.  Now your breast will be perfect but your legs and thighs might not be done.  Cut the legs and thighs off and finish roasting them for about 30 minutes more at 400 degrees and let your breast meat rest. If you do by accident overcook your white meat, slice it and let it sit in the pan juices for at least 15 minutes before you serve.  It will moisten right up.  Don’t forget to dry your mashed potatoes on low heat before you mash them, they will be a lot more fluffy.  If you have a little booboo with your gravy and it is lumpy, just run it through a seive and off you go.  Heave a great day and remember there are no diets on Thanksgiving!  Take Care, Johnny